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Aaron Rodgers was 'freestyling' on fake spike

MC A-Rod?

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

That fake spike Aaron Rodgers ran to set up the game-winning touchdown against the Dolphins wasn't exactly in the playbook.

"Yeah, that was kind of some freestyling right there," Rodgers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after Green Bay's come-from-behind 27-24 win on Sunday.

Twenty years after Dan Marino beat the New York Jets on a dummy spike, Rodgers pulled it against the Hall of Famer's old team, catching the Dolphins flat footed as the clock ticked down on the final drive. He reared back and found wideout Davante Adams, who scampered for 12 yards and set up the winning touchdown. On the next play, Rodgers found Andrew Quarless in the end zone.


Credit Adams, who as a rookie was aware enough not only to be prepared for the pass, but to keep outside leverage after the catch and get out of bounds. With no timeouts and under 10 seconds remaining, a tackle in bounds would have ended the game.

"You have to be smart. You have to be smart," Adams said. "You can't be stingy. Maybe I do score on that, but if I don't, then what? We're sitting in here and you're not asking me questions on how we won."

Adams was cryptic when asked what tipped him off that Rodgers was throwing his way, making a vague mention of "subtle signals" and joking with Randall Cobb that the reporters were "trying to be part of the offense."

The rookie did say that veteran cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who was playing some 10 yards back on the play, was caught off guard.

"That's usually how it is when you see that a team's about to spike the ball," Adams said. "You think it's going to happen and it's done. So you're not going to be all tense. I guess he was a little off. I wouldn't say he's lackadaisical. Most people would do the same thing. That's why we took advantage of it."