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PFT Commenter's elite interview with Pete Prisco from CBS Sports

A hard hitting interview that delivers at pad level.

The ultimate NFL fan sat down with the veteran CBS football writer. The spelling errors are intentional (we think), but the questions and answers are very real. - Ed.

Folks this is a intervew I've been trying to get on the books for literally a long time, but the day is finally here. I sit down with Pete Prisco, the founding father of strong NFL takes to discus his NFL takes, fashion advice, and were both kind of workout buffs so we talk some weightlifting to. So buckle up your cargo jorts, crack open a ice cold mad dog, and join us for a unforgetable football conversation.

PFT Commenter: Queston # 1: Is it true that the read opton is the future of the quaterback position?

Pete Prisco: Yeah, that's like saying you are the future of NFL writers.

PFTC: Humbeled. who besdies me (no offense to you) are your favotrite 3 NFL writers to look at or read?

PP: You are a clear No. 1. I like guys who go deep into the game like Bob McGinn, Mike Reiss, Sheil Kapadia, and Matt Bowen.

My take: Im personally a big fan of a Matt Bowen,, I got all the time in the world for a workerbee like him,, flying all over the field just absolutley beating players with his mind as well as his grind.

PFTC: What is your inpression of the NFLs concusson settlement? Is it a cash grab or broad daylight robbery?

PP: It's good for the guys who need the help.

PFTC: To literaly lighten things up a bit lets talk about youre weightlifting,, what is your alltime squat/bench PR?

PP: I never liked squats much. All-time bench: 330. Now? Don't lift heavy. Your cult will eat that one alive, right?

PFTC: SMH. Squats is the very best exercise for padlevel strength,, so your admitting here on the record that your a leg day skipper?

PP: No. Just never liked squats.

PFTC: 330 to be fair is pretty inpressive though. were talking 3 plates, a 5 lb and a 2.5 lb on each side? thats attenton to detail.

Note: Ive been in alot of locker rooms and around gyms and stuff,, just part of my culture, but Ive never seen a grown man put a 2.5 lbs weight on a benchpress. Somethings fishy here IMO. If your talking about the gymroom or the dining room, 3 plates on each side is what alot of nutritionists are calling "The Lendale Weight" by the way.

PFTC: I have 2 ask you about the jorts. pls identify the sku/model number for the pair u own

PP: I bought them at a flea market. They were actually jeans, and I cut them down to make the jorts. You like?

PFTC: Serously I beleve u that there not jorts, but u have 2 admit its interesting they make synthetic denim, more breathable w/ all the style IMO

PP: Nothing like style and comfort in Jorts.

Note I found them:


PFTC: Whose the best defense team in the NFL and why?

PP: It's the LIons. They have a fierce pass rush and they have speed at linebacker. And they have Nick Fairley and Suh playing for deals.

PFTC: I call them Nick UnFairly and Ndomukong Smh because they cheat so much- whose the dirtiest player in NFL?

PP: Anybody who goes at a guy's legs with a chance to cost them money. People sometimes forget this is how they make their living.

PFTC: Do you think that Joe Flacco is a Elite NFL quaterback?

PP: No. The only elite right now are Brady, Peyton Manning, Brees and Rodgers. Rivers, Luck, Roethlisberger and some others are next tier.

PFTC: He won a superbowl

PP: So did Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson and Dan Marino didn't. Elite in that group?

PFTC: Dan MariNo-rings cared more about endorsements then WINdorsements- he was more concern with his pocketbook then trophy case

PP: That's one of the dumbest things you've said, and you've said a lot of dumb things. Marino was a passing God.

PFTC: Give me a passing Titan like Kerry Collins over a passing God any day

PFTC: F/M/K Danny Woodhead, Tom Brady, Big Ben Rothlisberger

PP: Nice try.

PFTC: Florio ansered it. will you do FMK Peter King, Goodell, De Smith?

PP: No.

Note: Proof that Mike asnwered it:


PFTC: Ok,, whats your take on RG3 and his selishness? is he hurt prone, or injury prone?

PP: Here's an idea: Grow up in the pocket. It's safer in there.

PFTC: Is it ironic that nether he nor Obama was born in this country and there both ruining Washington?

PP: I stay out of politics.

PFTC: Whats your take on the redskins name?

PP: It's offensive. Change it. Move on.

PFTC: Its literaly more offensive then there football team. get it?

PP: I get it. Made me pee myself it was so funny.

pee prisco

Pee Prisco

PFTC: What should they be called instead?

PP: The Washington Washingtonions

PFTC: I think the washington is the most offensive part. they should change it from Washington DC to washington PC

PP: If you say so.

PFTC: Just having some fun with it.

PFTC: Can you explane your overall approach 2 twitter and interacting w/ fans and other wrighters like myself?

PP: It's like bellying up to the bar and talking sports. PS: You are buying. Why not have fun? Interact? They just can't cross the line. When they do, they get my two-word message: See ya.

PFTC: I use "theirs the door" a bit more agressive but just as effective

PP: As for Mike Freeman. He's just a big nerd. A dork. I like to argue with him to teach him about the NFL.

PFTC: LOL! Freeman,,what a nerd. any messages for Peter King or Florio?

PP: For Florio from Goodfellas: Now go home and get your shine box.


For Peter King: Put Tony Boselli in the Hall.

PFTC: One last queston- whats your favorite kind of beers?

PP: Amstel Bright (Aruba)

PFTC: If your in Glendale i will buy you and me a dozen beers and we'll pound 'em in Freemans face and put him in a locker. Thank's for sitting down w/ me i understand thats probably a uncomfortble positon for you since u never do squats