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Larry Fitzgerald quietly rolling along

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The veteran wide receiver has the stats, but there's something else that makes him special, says retired NFL defensive end Stephen White.

Christian Petersen

I'm a big admirer of Larry Fitzgerald, not only because of his skills as a receiver, but also for his ability to hold his tongue no matter how shitty his quarterback is playing. Here is a guy in his 11th season who has 860+ catches for more than 11,600 yards and almost 90 touchdowns in his career. The two games before this past Sunday he had a total of six catches and 91 yards combined not because he has fallen off, but because he was playing with backup Drew Stanton, who is average at best. Then, last Sunday, he goes out against Washington and racks up six catches for 98 yards and a touchdown, all because he got his starting quarterback Carson Palmer back from injury.

There is no telling what Fitzgerald's stats would look like had he played with a Pro Bowl type quarterback for most of his career. Unfortunately, that has been far from the case, and so one of the best receivers the game has ever seen will probably never have the numbers that guys with lesser talent will put up over their careers. And yet I have never heard him complain publicly about it. I have never seen him act out on the field during a game when he keeps having balls thrown erratically while he is running wide open. Instead, he just runs back to the huddle and gets ready for the next play.

He is certainly a better man than me when it comes to that, and I tip my hat to him for not ever losing it and choking one of those weak ass quarterbacks out in the huddle after yet another bad pass thrown his way.

Crisco hands: I saw a story on Twitter about a missing shipment of Crisco that might have been stolen. I thought about calling the tip line to tell them they might want to start their investigation in the vicinity of the Georgia Dome because some of the Falcons' skill position players looked like their hands were covered in grease last Sunday against the Bears.

I have seen guys like Roddy White and Julio Jones get blasted and hold on to the ball too many times to just assume that they suddenly got a case of alligator arms against the Bears. I did see a few big hits from the Bears secondary Sunday, but it wasn't like they were or have been all that intimidating this season. That's why it just didn't make sense to me to see so many guys struggling to haul in Matt Ryan's passes. Ryan is a guy who normally completes as much as 70 percent of his passes. Last Sunday he was barely above 50 percent, and it wasn't like he was having a markedly off day.

I will say that the Falcons miss the sure hands of tight end Tony Gonzalez, because his replacement, Levine Toilolo, has hands like feet. I can't even blame the Crisco for his drops. That's just kinda who he is. For all those other cats, they might want to find a new brand of gloves to wear or something, because the Falcons won't be going any damn where this year if they can't catch any better than that going forward.

Honorable mention: I already awarded Ezekiel Ansah with Hoss Of The Week honors for Week 6, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention Rob Ninkovich and the outstanding day he had rushing the passer against the division rival Buffalo Bills on Sunday. He ended up coming home with three sacks and that is never something to sneeze at. For a guy who notched eight sacks in both 2012 and 2013, it's weird how Ninkovich's name never comes up in a discussion on pass rushers, but the guy just knows how to get to the quarterback. It might not always be pretty, but it's damned effective.