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Earl Thomas says Seahawks are 'battling officials'

A controversial fumble call had the Pro Bowl safety hot after a surprising loss to the Rams on Sunday.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Earl Thomas is placing blame for the Seattle Seahawks' shocking loss to the St. Louis Rams, and it's not on a special teams unit that consistently gave up big plays or an offense that didn't join the game until it was down by 18 points. Thomas said the Seahawks are "battling the officials."

"It’s kind of crazy how football is turning out now. You give a guy, just because he wears a white and black shirt, he has authority of the game," Thomas told The Seattle Times in the locker room after the 28-26 loss. "Man, they need to stay out of it — that’s my key — and let us dominate."

Specifically, Thomas referenced the controversial fumble play that allowed the Rams to milk away the final moments and fend off a furious Seahawks rally. Late in the fourth quarter, St. Louis coughed up the football after rushing for a critical third down and Seattle's Richard Sherman came out of the ensuing pile with it. Replays seemed to indicate that Sherman had indeed fallen on the football, but with the clock under two minutes the Seahawks were at the mercy of the officials to review the play. The refs made the controversial decision not to go under the hood.


"Yeah. At least give us a shot," Thomas said. "But you know what? I’m not surprised with the referees this season. If you really look at some plays, we’re playing more than our opponents. We’re playing the referees too. I don’t care what anybody is saying. Something is wrong. That needs to be brought up."

According to, the Seahawks are the fourth-most penalized team in the league, averaging 8.5 flags per game.