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Chargers allow Jahleel Addae to remain in the game despite obvious health concerns

The Chargers made some questionable decisions in allowing the defensive back to continue to play against the Broncos.

Doug Pensinger

Lost in the spotlight surrounding Peyton Manning after the Denver Broncos win over the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night is a questionable decision by the Chargers concerning the health of defensive back Jahleel Addae.

Addae took a vicious hit on the first play of the game and looked like he should have been done for the night. Instead, Addae remained in the game for 54 of a total 71 defensive snaps for the Chargers.

Here is the first play of the game:

This play followed shortly thereafter:

John Gennaro of Bolts From The Blue was furious with the Chargers for allowing Addae to stay in, as he wrote in his recap:

I'm not a doctor, but that certainly looks like a seizure. At the very least, it looks like someone who is having some brain issues. It looks like someone who took a big hit in the head while playing with a concussion. Again, Addae stayed in the game.

Do the Chargers even care about the health of their players? Would they have cared more about Addae's injuries if he were a starting player? How can a man collapse on the field and then have what appears to be a seizure on national television and not be noticed by anyone working for the team, when it was easily noticed by many fans and media members?

A similar issue happened with former Chargers offensive lineman Kris Dielman back in 2011. Dielman sustained a concussion against the New York Jets but remained in the game. On the plane ride home, Dielman suffered a serious seizure, ultimately ending his career.