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Seahawks shoot down Russell Wilson 'not black enough' rumors

Richard Sherman stamped out the non-controversy about whether his Seahawks teammates think their QB is "not black enough."

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Were you unfortunate to come across this week's controversy about how some of Russell Wilson's Seahawks teammates felt their QB was "not black enough"? It goes like this: the team that won the Super Bowl last year is 3-3, and just traded away a talented player in Percy Harvin for nothing because he was causing locker room tumult. This tumult supposedly included a growing distrust of Wilson amongst his black teammates, because he is not black enough.

Let's ask Richard Sherman about this:

Wilson added his thoughts:

So there you go. Fun chat, guys. Looking forward to the next time someone discredits someone's race because of their behavior. It's a really fun, productive and enlightening topic of conversation.