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Tony Romo returns after suffering back injury

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Tony Romo spent most of the second half in the locker room after an apparent back injury but returned to the game.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Despite suffering an apparent back injury that forced him back to the locker room for a good portion of the second half, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo returned to the game on Monday night late in the fourth quarter.

Initial fears eased when the team's medical staff found that Romo's injury was limited to a bruised back near the site of where he had two back surgeries. X-rays were negative, and he was able to to get back into the game. Romo received a shot in his back to manage the pain before returning.

Romo went down hard after taking a sack and was down on the field for several minutes while being tended to by the training staff. He eventually went back to the locker room for further examination while Brandon Weeden took over at quarterback in the third quarter. The situation was a worrisome one for the Cowboys with Romo's history of back injuries. A back injury cost him a good portion of last season.

Any fears of the worst were at least temporarily eliminated late in the fourth quarter. First, Romo was seen wearing a helmet near the locker room talking to the training staff. He later walked out to the sideline, drawing huge cheers from the crowd. This all occurred while Washington moved the ball down the field. Romo warmed up on the sideline and talked to the coaching staff.

When the Cowboys got the ball back after a Washington punt, Romo trotted back onto the field, taking over at the Cowboys own 3-yard line with the game tied 17-17. His back was tested early as he took a sack on Dallas' second play of the drive. Fortunately for Romo and the Cowboys, Dallas was able to recover the fumble. Romo got up without issue and remained in the game.