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NFL uniform colors, ranked

Uniform color is a drastically underrated part of an NFL team's success (maybe). So we ranked all 32 franchises based on their primary team colors. Sorry, Browns.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Absurd Power Rankings will be almost useless to those of you suffering from some form of colorblindness and, for that, I sincerely apologize. Actually, I apologize to the rest of you as well, because this week I decided to rank each NFL team based on its primary color (other than black/white) as listed on this site and whether I think you'd look nice in that color. You should not listen to me, because I write about sports on the Internet and therefore likely have no idea what's "fashionable" or "doesn't have a stain on it."

Though you do look ridiculous in pewter.

1 (tie). Dallas, San Diego, Tennessee, Seattle, Chicago, Denver:

7. Baltimore:

8. New York Jets:

9. Arizona:

10. New England:

11. Detroit:

12. Minnesota:

13 (tie). Buffalo/Indianapolis:

15. St. Louis:

16. Cleveland:

17. Philadelphia:

18. San Francisco:

19. Carolina:

20. Green Bay:

21. New York Giants:

22. Washington:

23. Houston:

24. Atlanta:

25. Kansas City:

26. Jacksonville:

27. Miami:

28. New Orleans:

29. Oakland:

30. Cincinnati:

31. Tampa Bay:

32. Pittsburgh: