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Bruce Arians calls chop block on Calais Campbell the 'dirtiest play' he's ever seen

The Cardinals were not happy about the play that took out their all-world defensive lineman.

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell suffered a sprained MCL early in the third quarter of Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos. The injury itself stung, considering the Cardinals are already thin in that unit, but the injury itself didn't bother head coach Bruce Arians nearly as much as the chop block from Julius Thomas that caused it.

Here's the hit. Judge for yourself.


(He meant "fine" in that second tweet).

Arians wasn't the only one talking about it after the game.

The Cardinals were understandably upset, considering they're already thinned by injuries to the defensive line. It certainly didn't make it any easier to hold off the Broncos in the second half.