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Julius Thomas says 'being dirty is not part of my game' in response to chop block

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The Denver tight end disagrees with the notion that he's a dirty player or that he intentionally injured Calais Campbell.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

A chop block by Julius Thomas sprained the MCL of Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell on Sunday, but the Denver Broncos tight end told reporters after the game that he had no intention of causing injury. Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said that the play was the "dirtiest" he has ever seen in coaching, but Thomas told Lindsay Jones of USA Today that isn't how he plays.

"I guarantee that being dirty is not a part of my game, and to intentionally hurt somebody is not something I would ever do," Thomas said.

Thomas said he sought out Antonio Cromartie after the game so that the Cardinals defensive back could deliver an apology to Campbell. Here is the play, which drew a flag that negated a 77-yard touchdown pass for the Broncos:

Arians wasn't the only one angry after the game, as star Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald gave a pointed response to a question about the hit:

The injury isn't expected to sideline Campbell for too long, as Arians told reporters it will be a three-to-four week recovery, but that's long enough that the Cardinals head coach won't be satisfied with just a fine for Thomas:

"Somebody has got to answer to that. A fine isn't going do it when he's (Campbell) going to miss three or four weeks on a blatant chop block."

The Broncos pulled away in the second half to defeat the Cardinals 41-20 on Sunday.