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Adrian Peterson calls people SAD, wants media to be GREAT

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Adrian Peterson responded late Monday night to a Minneapolis Star-Tribune report that detailed discrepancies in his charity's recordkeeping as well as past accusations of rape levied against the Vikings running back.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune released a report Monday detailing, among other things, Adrian Peterson's sham charitable endeavors and an allegation of rape levied against him after a night of "drinking, arguing and sex" at a hotel with six other people. Peterson issued a response late Monday night, though it was framed like an impromptu pep talk:

Peterson didn't acknowledge the Star-Tribune or the report directly, but it seem likely the tweets were related.

Prior to this season, Peterson had a weighty "good guy" reputation that has since been besmirched by the Star-Tribune report, as well as charges of child abuse after he reportedly severely beat his young son with a switch. He is currently on the exempt/commissioner's list, which essentially allows him to take a paid leave of absence while he goes through due legal process. There is no indication yet whether the revelations from the Star-Tribune report will change his status with the Minnesota Vikings or the NFL.