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Adrian Peterson refutes report of sham charity

Adrian Peterson refuted some claims from a recent Minneapolis Star-Tribune report, including questions about the legitimacy of his foundation.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson took to Twitter on Tuesday to refute some points made in a recent report by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The paper released a report on Monday, detailing some of Peterson's alleged off-the-field issues, including accusations of rape, infidelity and a sham charity. Peterson didn't refute all three claims, instead focusing the questions raised about Peterson's charity, The All Day Foundation.

Among other details, the Star-Tribune reported some of the foundations' reported charitable givings weren't received by the organizations they were supposedly sent to. Peterson claims those discrepancies were due to paperwork errors by an accountant and a firm which have both since been fired. In the tweets, he said cleared up which organizations received donations and said those organizations confirmed receiving the donations.

The report also claimed there was an incident at a hotel that resulted in a police investigation. Citing a relative of Peterson, the report said the hotel room was paid for by a credit card from Peterson's company All Day, Inc. Peterson denied that claim, stating neither he nor his uncle had a credit card for the foundation. Peterson said All Day, Inc. is an entirely separate organization from the All Day Foundation.

Peterson did not address claims of the alleged rape investigation. He also didn't deny the reports of infidelity, instead saying he has previously admitted to mistakes and "had to change my ways." He went on to accuse the media of using old details of his life to create attention while not letting "the truth get in the way of a good story."

The Tweets come less than 24 hours after Peterson tweeted that it was "sad" how people believe anything reported by the media.