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Adrian Peterson admits he 'smoked a little weed,' could be arrested again

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Adrian Peterson told a courtroom staffer that he "smoked a little weed" before a drug test, and he could be arrested again as a result.

Ronald Martinez

Adrian Peterson may be arrested again after admitting he "smoked a little weed" to a court staffer before giving a urine sample Wednesday, according to Fox 26 in Houston. Peterson had his arraignment on felony child abuse charges that same day.

Smoking marijuana classifies as a drug violation of Peterson's bond conditions. The Montgomery County District Attorney has already asked the judge presiding over the child abuse case to hold Peterson's $15,000 bond and have the Minnesota Vikings running back arrested again.

Peterson's misstep prolongs what has been a bad week of headlines for the running back. On Monday, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune released a report detailing a rape accusation against Peterson stemming from a hotel party, as well discrepancies in how money from his charity had been spent. Peterson later released a statement refuting or explaining the claims made in the report.

A trial date of Dec. 1 has tentatively been scheduled for Peterson's child abuse case, in which he stands accused of severely beating his 4-year-old son with a switch.