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Perrish Cox says he didn't flop on Hail Mary

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The San Francisco 49ers cornerback that drew a Hall-Mary-nullifying penalty says he wasn't acting when he fell to the ground.

The San Francisco 49ers survived in overtime against the New Orleans Saints to earn a 27-24 victory, but had it not been for a pass interference call at the end of regulation, the game would have never reached extra time.

Drew Brees connected with tight end Jimmy Graham on a Hail Mary that appeared to be the game-winner for the Saints, but it was nullified by an offensive pass interference call on Graham who gave 49ers cornerback Perrish Cox a push.

Many believed Cox embellished to earn the flag, and Graham wasn't too happy with the penalty, either. The tight end was adamant that he didn't push off and suggested Cox flopped to earn the call, saying "that's why I left basketball." Cox told Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports though, that the push was legitimate and that he would have intercepted the pass had he been allowed to stay upright.

"Man, look here, that wasn't a flop at all," Cox told FOX Sports by phone before he and his teammates headed to the airport for the flight home from New Orleans. "If they want to call it that, well, if he didn't push me, it would've been an (interception). People can say what they want. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but we came out with the victory and that's all that matters."

The 49ers kicked a 35-yard game-winning field goal in overtime to secure the 27-24 victory, which only fueled the frustration of those that thought it was a successful Hail Mary nullified by overacting. Former head of NFL officiating Mike Pereira called it a "clear" penalty after the game and said that it "needs to be called every time."