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Michael Vick thinks the Jets would have more wins if he started all season

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Michael Vick is 1-1 as a starter, while Geno Smith is 1-7. Had Vick been starting from Week 1, he thinks the Jets would have a better record.

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Michael Vick led the New York Jets to victory Sunday over the Pittsburgh Steelers, something Geno Smith managed to do just once in the first eight games of the season. After the win, Vick told reporters that he believes the team would have even more wins had he been the starter earlier in the season.

With Smith at the helm, the Jets began the season 1-7, but since Vick took over, the team is 1-1. The four-time Pro Bowl quarterback has managed to avoid turnovers in both of his starts and finished with a passer rating well above 100 in each.

So when Vick was asked if the team would have earned more victories earlier in the season had he been the starter, he admitted that he thought so:

"In my heart, yes," Vick said, answering the question with his usual honesty. "Yeah, I mean, to sit here and say no would show a lack of confidence in myself and my teammates. But absolutely, I think if I was starting from Day 1, then maybe it would've been an opportunity. But that wasn't the case. I wasn't put in that situation. The team wasn't put in that situation."

It's hard to argue with Vick, considering Smith's propensity for turnovers. The second-year quarterback managed to avoid an interception in only one game in 2014 and managed to throw three in his first eight passes in Week 8, forcing the Jets to bench him for the remainder of the game.

With turnovers eliminated in the last two weeks, the Jets allowed fewer points over a two-game span than in any other stretch during the 2014 season.

Vick also adds another element to the offense as an elusive runner, even at the age of 34. On Sunday he became the first quarterback in NFL history to eclipse 6,000 yards rushing, something that only 84 running backs have ever accomplished.