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NFL standings and playoff picture: Eagles take NFC East lead with win over Panthers

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The Philadelphia Eagles are ahead in the NFC East after a big win over the Carolina Panthers on Monday. We've got the updated standings through Week 10.

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If you're not a fan of blowouts, prime time NFL probably wasn't  particularly exciting in Week 10. First, the Cleveland Browns took sole possession of the AFC North with a dominant victory against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football. Next, the Green Bay Packers embarrassed the NFC North rival Chicago Bears to the tune of 55-14 on Sunday Night Football.

Then, under the bright lights on Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the Carolina Panthers from start to finish, winning 45-21. With the win, the Eagles kept themselves ahead of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East, but just barely. It's a two-team race for the NFC East as neither the New York Giants nor Washington are competitive. Carolina squandered an opportunity to take control of the NFC South, the league's weakest division this season.

Here is a complete look at where the teams stand through Week 10:

AFC North

Cleveland 6 3 0 209 172
Cincinnati 5 3 1 197 211
Pittsburgh 6 4 0 261 239
Baltimore 6 4 0 261 181

The Cleveland Browns are one of the biggest surprises of the season. After dominating the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, they were in a tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the division lead. The New York Jets came through for Cleveland though, and took down the Steelers on Sunday. Baltimore managed to win their game but for now, the Browns have sole possession of the AFC North.

AFC East

New England 7 2 0 281 198
Buffalo 5 4 0 191 182
Miami 5 4 0 227 171
NY Jets 2 8 0 174 265

The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are pushing the New England Patriots, which is surprising, but both teams also had big tests on Sunday. And both teams failed, as the Bills fell to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dolphins fell to the Detroit Lions.

AFC South

Indianapolis 6 3 0 290 211
Houston 4 5 0 206 197
Tennessee 2 7 0 144 223
Jacksonville 1 9 0 258 282

The Houston Texans are the only team pushing the Indianapolis Colts for this division, but it's going to be a tough road. Indianapolis has a very easy schedule the rest of the way and may be the most likely to win their division at this point. Houston has some tough games against the AFC North still remaining.

AFC West

Denver 7 2 0 286 202
Kansas City 6 3 0 217 151
San Diego 5 4 0 205 186
Oakland 0 9 0 146 252

The Denver Broncos have this division in hand for the moment, but the Chiefs are right behind them. Kansas City has a tougher schedule ahead though. That said, Denver does still have the away games against the San Diego Chargers and the Chiefs coming up, so the next two teams in the division have a lot of potential to keep control of their own fates.

NFC North

Detroit 7 2 0 182 142
Green Bay 5 3 0 222 191
Minnesota 4 5 0 168 199
Chicago 3 6 0 194 277

The Detroit Lions have been waiting for their defense to actually come together and play well for the past several seasons and it's finally happening. Now with Calvin Johnson back from injury, they could cruise to a division title. The Green Bay Packers aren't too far behind though, and even the Minnesota Vikings are still in the discussion.

NFC East

Philadelphia 7 2 0 279 198
Dallas 7 3 0 261 212
NY Giants 3 6 0 195 247
Washington 3 6 0 197 229

The Cowboys are actually good this year, which is shocking given that Jason Garrett looked like he was on his way out as a head coach. But they currently trail the aforementioned Eagles, who came up with a huge win on Monday. It's not a big margin though, and the matchup should be entertaining down the stretch.

NFC South

New Orleans 4 5 0 251 225
Carolina 3 6 1 198 282
Atlanta 3 6 0 219 238
Tampa Bay 1 8 0 167 272

The New Orleans Saints have a lead in the NFC South, but of course, they've got a losing record. The Panthers could have taken control but failed to do so by losing to the Eagles. Both the Eagles and Saints are performing well below expectations thus far and nothing would be surprising at this point. The Atlanta Falcons also warrant a mention given the talent on that team, but they're struggling just as bad as they were a season ago.

NFC West

Arizona 8 1 0 223 170
Seattle 6 3 0 240 191
San Francisco 5 4 0 195 202
St. Louis 3 6 0 163 251

The Arizona Cardinals have a surprisingly dominant lead in the division, though quarterback Carson Palmer is now out for the season with an ACL injury. The Cardinals played well without Palmer earlier in the season, but their lead is definitely a bit more tenuous without him there. The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers aren't too far behind, with Seattle playing much better in recent weeks.


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