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Star Lotulelei carted off with ankle injury

Star Lotulelei had to be carted off the field with an ankle injury on Monday.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers defensive lineman Star Lotulelei left Monday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles with an apparent ankle injury. Lotulelei went down after rolling his ankle and was down for some time before being carted off the field. Ankle injuries can often look a lot worse than they actually are, but we obviously won't know anything definitive until after the game.

With Lotulelei's injury, a bad night for the Panthers just got much worse. Lotulelei left the game just as the fourth quarter was rolling around, and they trail the Eagles by four scores. There's no relief in sight as Philadelphia's defense is dominating, and Carolina's defense is struggling to contain Mark Sanchez.

Lotulelei doesn't have too many big stats to his name, but he makes his presence felt on the field. He gets a lot of attention from opposing offensive lines and often commands a double team. If he's not getting the sack or the tackle, he's usually eating up plenty of space and any time missed would be a big deal for the Panthers.