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Jimmy Graham got tired of being groped by fans

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The All-Pro tight end is done with jumping into the stands after some folks got a little too friendly for his liking.

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Chris Graythen/Getty Images

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is one of the most prolific players in the game. When scoring a touchdown at home last week against the San Francisco 49ers, Graham shared his enthusiasm by vaulting into the crowd, Lambeau Leap-style. Unfortunately, those days have apparently come to a quick end, after Graham was groped by a fan, per Mike Triplett of ESPN.

Graham was famous for dunking the ball over the crossbar after touchdowns, but that move was outlawed by the NFL before this season. Leaving him with a bevy of other options including the good-old-fashioned-but-chronically-underrated spike, Graham decided to become one with the fans until a man by the name of Scott McGowan, dressed in the guise of a joker, took things a bit too far.

This goes out as a lesson to all fans everywhere. You can like your team, you can love the players, but you can't go grabbing their backside because of that love.

"I just wanted to go and thank all the fans for being there," Graham said. "But people were trying to thank me a little too much."


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