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Steelers' William Gay does the LeBron 'Silencer' move after pick-six

LeBron's patented move is showing up in the NFL with regularity now.

I'm not sure if this celebration works when you're on the road and your fans are louder than the home team's, but the LeBron "silencer," as he calls it, has worked its way into the NFL this season.

Gay easily jumped in front of Zach Mettenberger's first pass for a quick pick-six on Monday Night Football. But it's doubtful he gets the personalized nod that LeBron's favorite player on his favorite team got last week.

With Gay's celebration added to the pile, we're now just a Bengals move short of the entire AFC North mimicking LeBron moves. The Browns and Ravens went back-and-forth earlier in the season, performing both the silencer and the chalk toss.