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Bills kicker Dan Carpenter shoveled for his elderly neighbors

It snowed more than 4 feet around Buffalo on Tuesday, which looked like this at Ralph Wilson Stadium:

Bills kicker Dan Carpenter shoveled for his elderly neighbors, who called the Buffalo News to report the good deed as adorable old people do.

Noble’s wife, Lorraine, 87, noticed Carpenter assessing the snow outside his own home. "Then he disappeared," Noble said, "and he and his wife came over in about 20 minutes."

Noble said Carpenter shoved himself a path as he headed over. "He had to cut through the snow from his driveway just to get to our front door ... and he only had a small snow shovel.

The Bills seem to be single-handedly keeping order in Buffalo. Head coach Doug Marrone stopped on his way to the stadium to help push out a snowbound car.

"Let a young man do this," Marrone jokingly said to one of the older do-gooders.

Simultaneously rocking and raising the low-sitting car, the 50-year-old Marrone and company managed to shove the vehicle’s undercarriage from the hard-packed snow that had marooned it.

And then there's Marquise Goodwin, who is keeping us all warm with his Instagrams.

This snow doesn't scare me...

A photo posted by Marquise Goodwin (@_marquisegoodwin) on

Please stay safe and warm Buffalo. There's football on Sunday.