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Washington bus crashes on way to Vikings game

Washington players and coaches were in a bus accident on their way to the stadium in Minnesota for a Week 9 game against the Vikings.

Pierre Garcon on Twitter

The bus carrying Washington to a Week 9 game against the Minnesota Vikings was involved in an accident that left players with minor injuries, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. While the team appears to have avoided serious injuries in the wreck, the accident was "more than a small fender bender," according to Dianna Marie Russini of NBC 4, and several players were "shaken up."

The team has since reported that all players are fine, and the team made it to the stadium.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reported that the cause of the incident was a police escort missing an exit ramp, causing a team bus to rear-end another team bus. Washington's team bus apparently crashed with part of the police escort, and one officer was reportedly sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Jack Gruden, son of Washington head coach Jay Gruden, tweeted shortly after the crash:

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett also had a tweeting son, as Chase Haslett tweeted a picture of the accident that showed a cracked windshield on the Washington team bus:

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon gave a look at the windshield from inside the bus:

No major injuries were suffered by any Washington players, although "bumps and bruises" was used often to describe the state of the team and its possible that some may have suffered some whiplash from the incident.