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Gerald McCoy single-handedly destroyed the Browns' offensive line on this sack

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This isn't a sack, it's a crime -- a beautiful, wonderful, football-filled crime. Let's take a look at what made Gerald McCoy's play so special.

  1. Before the right guard has his hands up to block, McCoy has already run past him. All he can do is haplessly throw out a right arm and hope it slows him down a little.
  2. Poor, poor Nick McDonald. The Browns center has time to get into his stance and turn his head before getting run over by the freight train. This isn't one of those "He got run over!" things where the result is far away from actuality. He gets hit so hard he flies back a good 3 yards and lands on his butt.
  3. From there Brian Hoyer doesn't stand a chance. You can see him think about throwing it for a split second, before the grim realization that he's going to eat a whole lot of turf.
This could be the most impressive sack of the season so far, and we all thought this would be the kind of play we'd get to see from Jadeveon Clowney.