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Bills vs. Jets could be postponed due to snow, per report

The Bills are attempting to clear out the snow in time for kickoff, but the game could be postponed.

Michael Adamucci/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are scheduled to host the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday with kickoff set for 1 p.m. ET. The only problem is Ralph Wilson Stadium is currently covered in massive amounts of snow following major storms in the area. The Bills are attempting to clean out the snow, even hiring fans to shovel around the clock, but there is still a chance the game could be postponed, according to Pro Football Talk.

According to the report several options are in play including kicking off later in the day on Sunday or postponing the game until Tuesday. It's rare for weather to delay a NFL game, but it's not unprecedented. In 2010, a game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles was delayed until Tuesday following major storms in the area and for the safety of fans.

The situation in Buffalo could depend on the weather in the days leading up to the game. More snow would make the cleaning process an even bigger challenge and possibly force the game to be delayed. Both the Jets and Bills will play at home in Week 13. The Bills will host the Cleveland Browns, possibly on a short week. The Jets will host the Miami Dolphins, on Monday Night Football giving New York an extra day to prepare should they have to work on a short week due to a delay.