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Washington vs. 49ers 2014 picks and predictions: San Francisco is a unanimous favorite

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The 49ers take on Washington on Sunday in Santa Clara, and the home team is the overwhelming favorite.

The San Francisco 49ers are 6-4 on the season and find themselves tied for second place in the NFC West. They're tied with the Seattle Seahawks and trail the 9-1 Arizona Cardinals. They've got plenty to fight for at this point in the season and need to take down Washington in Week 12 to stay competitive. Washington is in third place in the NFC East, but the team is 3-7 and well behind both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

While Washington is still technically in the running, the team is mainly just looking for its offense to shine over the back-end of the season to give everyone some hope for next season.

Washington actually looks OK on paper in a few key areas. The team ranks seventh in passing yardage, 10th in passing yards allowed and 11th in rushing yards allowed. Those numbers are pretty high for a team with only three wins, especially given that two of those three wins were close games. San Francisco is 23rd when it comes to the passing game, but ranks seventh, fourth and sixth in rushing yards, opposing passing yards and opposing rushing yards, respectively.

Whatever the case, the 49ers are obviously favored for this matchup. Experts around the Internet have the 49ers winning, including all 13 of the experts picking for ESPN. It's a shutout over at CBS Sports as well, with all eight of their experts going with San Francisco. All of the experts at FOX Sports also picked the 49ers.

Here at SB Nation, all seven experts are in agreement: the 49ers will win it.

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