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Dominic Raiola was mad at the Patriots for being good at football, so he tried to hurt them

The Lions were losing by a bunch, so Dominic Raiola tried to hurt someone on the Patriots. That's not okay.

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Trailing 34-9, the Lions decided to take a knee rather than try to score against the Patriots. However, center Dominic Raiola wasn't done playing. After snapping the ball, he decided to do this:


That's Raiola throwing himself at the legs of Patriots lineman Zach MooreRaiola tried to explain his actions after the game:

"They went for a touchdown at 2 minutes. They could have took three knees and the game could have been over. It's football. He wants to keep playing football, let's play football. Not a big deal. It's football."

1. No, that's not football

Diving at the other guy served no purpose.  Your team was not trying to gain yardage. All you did was jump into the legs of a person who was not expecting you to jump into their legs. The only possible purpose is to hurt the person across from you.

Luckily, Moore didn't get hurt, but that doesn't mean that wasn't the only potential thing Raiola's dive could've done.

2. The Patriots weren't trying to score... until...

You're mad because the Patriots scored on you when they could have ended the game. Guess what! They weren't trying to score on you when they could have ended the game until a punk move by your teammate. The Patriots had been dutifully trying to run out the clock by giving the ball over and over again to LeGarrette Blount. That brought up fourth down, and the Patriots opted to kick a field goal. That's when C.J. Mosley decided to level the opposing long snapper with a helmet-to-helmet hit.


By rule, the long snapper is a defenseless player, because he's standing with his head down. The long snapper is the only player on the line for a field goal not trying to block. You can't launch into their head and neck. Mosley decided to. It doesn't seem like he was trying to block the field goal. Like Raiola, it seemed like he just wanted to hit somebody who wasn't expecting it out of frustration.

Mosley was hit with a penalty, and the Pats got a first down at the 1-yard line. That's when they decided to punch the ball in, which irked Raiola so much. But it never would've happened, were it not for a dirty play by one of his teammates.

3. Trying to injure another player for being on a better team is not okay

You're upset because your team was losing by a lot. You're upset because your team was losing by a lot and then something happened to make your team lose by even more.

You're a professional athlete. There's a solution to this: be better at the sport you're paid to do.

And yet we still see athletes taking out their own failures on other athletes by trying to hurt them. We still see pitchers throwing baseballs as hard as they can at hitters because they watched a home run for a bit too long. We still see basketball players knocking over other basketball players just because the score is out of hand.

Moore, who was lined up against Raiola, is a rookie, a sixth-round draft pick trying to find playing time. If he suffered a knee injury here, there's no guarantee he would ever suit up for the Patriots again. He played no part in the Patriots' decision to score. But Raiola tried to hurt him just for being there.

Raiola's got a bit of a reputation as a jerk, from doing stuff like yelling at college marching band members for making the mistake of being on his sideline. But that's just talk.

Trying to injure someone because they made the mistake of being on a team that's better than you is dirty and stupid. At 7-4, the Lions are a pretty good team. For Raiola's sake, we hope he's not unfortunate enough to end up lined up from somebody as stupid he is late in a game.


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