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Odell Beckham Jr. doesn't want touchdown to be 'greatest catch of all time'

A come-from-behind victory for the Dallas Cowboys over the New York Giants provided one of the best games of Week 12, but it's Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham who has everyone talking the day after. Despite a pass interference penalty and a pass that was clearly out of reach, the team's rookie wideout hauled in a 43-yard touchdown with three fingers.

In the immediate aftermath of the reception, Twitter rolled out plenty of accolades, including some from athletes like Lebron James and Victor Cruz. James called it possibly the greatest catch ever, while Cruz said it was the best catch he's ever seen. For Beckham Jr. though, it was just the beginning.

"I hope it's not the greatest catch of all time," Beckham Jr. said. "I hope I can make more."


It's not the first great catch that Eli Manning was on the delivering end of, as the two-time Super Bowl MVP connected with David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII to set up a game-winning touchdown to defeat the New England Patriots.

"Both of them were pretty spectacular," Manning said. "I guess you've got to throw it just bad enough where they've got to make a great catch. It was pretty spectacular to see his adjustment to the ball and getting held, to be falling backwards and just put one hand up there and snag it, that was pretty impressive."

Even Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, who has a pretty impressive highlight reel of his own, sung the praises of Beckham Jr. Sunday. After the game, Bryant was asked if the catch was better than his best career highlights:

"Oh, man. I've got to give it to him. I have to give it to him," Bryant said. "Like I said, he's one of those guys that's ‘Hey, I want to make a play.' I respect guys like that. Hats off to him."

Still, amidst all the acclaim, the Giants still gave up a touchdown with 1:01 remaining in the game and couldn't manage to find a game-winner of their own in the final minute. While many wanted to praise Beckham Jr. for his highlight reel catch, he kept pointing to the scoreboard that dropped the Giants to 3-8 on the year.

"That's all and good," Beckham Jr. said. "It's nice to hear those kinds of things and it's fun to make those plays. At the end of the day, you still have a loss on your record."