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Richard Sherman shows you 'what happens' when Marshawn Lynch gets fined

Richard Sherman is not happy about Marshawn Lynch being fined for not speaking to the media.

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Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks are frustrated with the media's treatment of Marshawn Lynch. Sherman made this abundantly clear during his media availability on Tuesday.

While answering questions at his locker, Sherman concluded his session by repeating the phrase, "don't care" in response to questions about Seattle's upcoming Thursday night game against the San Francisco 49ers.

After the flurry of short responses, Sherman stood up and stated "that's what happens when Marshawn gets fined":

Sherman's responses prior to the final question were more substantial, and can be seen on

Lynch was recently fined $50,000 for violating the league's media policy after the team's game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 11. Lynch left the locker room before speaking to reporters but subsequently called two NFL Network reporters, believing that would satisfy his media responsibilities. It didn't. In addition, the league slapped on another $50,000 fine in relation to a previous incident last year when he broke the media policy. Lynch was not forced to pay the fine in the event that he cooperated in the future. He didn't, so the fine was enforced.

In total, Lynch was fined $100,000.

This apparently resulted in an unwelcome environment for media members in the Seattle locker room, according to Nick Eaton of

The locker room was particularly icy last Wednesday, when Lynch spoke to media for the first time since the NFL slapped him with the fine. While Lynch dodged most questions for the better part of 10 minutes, several other Seahawks seemed just as unwilling to give interviews.

Despite the cold shoulder, Lynch was willing to participate in media availability after his Week 12 game, albeit in a reserved fashion: Lynch responded to every question with single-word responses.

Sherman, an individual known for his willingness to speak, warned reporters that his press conference would be noteworthy:

"That's what happens when Marshawn gets fined," Sherman said as he turned away from the cameras. "You think this was bad? Wait 'til my press conference ..."

He did not disappoint. Sherman showed up Tuesday afternoon with a cardboard cut out of Doug Baldwin and lampooned NFL hypocrisy for two minutes in front of reporters.

The Seahawks will be playing the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Night Football. Sherman doesn't care about the short week of rest.


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