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Dominic Raiola will not be fined for cheap shot against Patriots

The Lions center said he has no regrets regarding his play against the Patriots

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola will not receive a punishment of any kind -- fine or suspension -- after being criticized for his play against the New England Patriots Sunday in Week 12.

Raiola was taken to task for diving at the knees of Patriots defensive lineman Zach Moore near the end of the blowout loss for the Lions.


Raiola admitted that he was upset after the game and that he did deliver a cut block on Moore. However, in his comments on Tuesday, Raiola said he was not trying to intentionally hurt Moore. Per Michael Rothstein of ESPN:

"There's no fine. It was during the game," Raiola said Tuesday. "I don't know about regrets. I don't live life with regrets. I know I didn't intentionally try to hurt anybody.

"I didn't try to do anything out of the ordinary. I would have gotten a FedEx letter for that, so just play the game. I mean, I didn't make it a big deal. Everybody else did."

Unfortunately for Moore, it was not the only questionable interaction involving Raiola on Sunday. The center also punched Moore in the head on a previous play, but it was largely ignored in the initial wake of the loss and final dive at Moore's knees.

While Moore had little comment on the matter, choosing to take the high road, his teammate Vince Wilfork called Raiola's play "stupid" in comments after the game.