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Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich always cries when he watches 'Parenthood'

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Hey, it's an emotional show. The Giants linebacker sat down with SB Nation to answer a few questions a


Giants linebacker, Mark Herzlich, took a few minutes to answer some questions and it turns out that he's cries while watching Parenthood just like the rest of us.

Here's Herzlich's last thing list. Can someone please buy the man some paper towels?

Mark Herzlich, what was the last...

Movie you saw

Gone Girl. It was good. I kinda knew what was gonna happen. The movie was a really good representation of what the book was like.

Book you read

I think it was my own. Does that sound bad?

Thing you cooked

I cooked some tortellini the other night.

Song you downloaded

I don't download songs. I've got Spotify.

Dream you had

I had a dream last night, actually. I was studying plays and I was going through my film, and I lost my pencil and I could not find any writing utensil anywhere. And then I showed up to work the next day and didn't know anything. It was like a stress dream.

Person who made you laugh

Spencer [Paysinger]. Or maybe Henry [Hynoski]. He's a pretty funny guy.

Person you texted

My dad. I told him he has sideline passes for the game.

Thing you took a picture of

My dogs. Two English Bulldogs named Champ and Scout. I got them right after the Super Bowl so the one is obviously Champ. And then Scout from "To Kill A Mockingbird."

Time you cried

Probably the other day when I was watching Parenthood. I always cry when I'm watching Parenthood. That show is emotional. There's so much stuff happening in that.

Time you were scared

I don't know the last time I was scared. I get startled, like when my dogs jump up in the middle of the night when they hear something. But I don't really get scared.

Time you said I love you

Probably this morning to Danielle, my fiancée.

Prank you pulled

What did we do to Henry lately? We were going to send out a team email saying that Henry's car got towed while we were traveling. But we thought it might not be a good idea to send it to everyone on the team, and he wouldn't have believed it if it came from us. We're always scheming to get Henry. He's gullible. He believes you. [Ed. note: We'll have more on the Paysinger/Herzlich/Hynoski prank triangle later.]

Bad meal you ate

I don't like the meals we have on away trips. It's always, like, dry chicken and some pasta. It's not the best.

Bug you killed

There was a spider crawling in my bed and I killed it.

Website you visited

Amazon. I ordered paper towels on Amazon last night because I don't have time to get to the store.

Time you got away with farting in public

At this job you can fart all the time in public.