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Marshawn Lynch weighing retirement after 2014 season

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The four-time Pro Bowl running back may retire after the 2014 season at the age of 28.

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Marshawn Lynch's time with the Seattle Seahawks may be approaching its end, but so may be his time in the NFL. The four-time Pro Bowl running back is reportedly considering ending his football career after the 2014 season, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Lynch reportedly considered retirement after the 2013 season but elected to come back to the team in 2014, albeit after a holdout in training camp and a bump in pay. With back pain accrued over eight seasons in the NFL, Lynch could elect to end his NFL career on his own terms at the age of 28.

One thing that could dissuade Lynch from ending his NFL career would be a head coaching job for Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable. According to Rapoport, the strong relationship between Lynch and the former Oakland Raiders head coach could cause the running back to follow Cable to a new team in 2015.

Still, Lynch may retire to avoid further damage to his back which has been the cause of some pain:

One issue for Lynch is health-related. He's missed just one game in the last four years, but he has battled back pain throughout. Thanks to countless hits over the course of his career, the cartilage in his spinal cord is compressed, which brings him discomfort. That's just one factor as he ponders his future.

Lynch is 39th all-time in rushing yards with 8,345 and 34th in career touchdowns with 67.


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