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Dez Bryant makes every tackling angle look wrong

The Jaguars were playing well against the Cowboys. Then Dez Bryant happened.

A lot of Jaguars players thought they had a bead on Dez Bryant on this play. Turns out none of them were even close.


Poor damn Jaguars. After going up 7-3 over the Cowboys, they've since fallen behind, 17-7. Why couldn't Dez just let them have their moment?

UPDATE: Jacksonville cant' stop Dez Bryant Pt. 2:


Bryant now has six catches for 158 yards and two touchdowns, and the Cowboys lead 24-7 at half. Bryant's yardage is a career high through two quarters. Even more impressively, Bryant's yardage came entirely in the second quarter, making it the most yards ever racked up by a Cowboys wideout in a quarter of action.

The Cowboys reportedly have a few concerns about Bryant's off-field behavior, but considering the season he is having they may have no choice but to give him a massive contract before he hits free agency this upcoming offseason.