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Michael Vick becomes 1st quarterback in NFL history to rush for 6,000 yards

Michael Vick set NFL history during what has thus far been an outstanding performance against the Steelers.

Michael Vick is having a great day against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. As an added bonus, he cemented a place in the NFL record book. With 47 yards rushing on four carries thus far, he has become the first NFL quarterback to ever rush for 6,000 yards in his career.

Vick entered the day with 5,967 yards rushing across 12 NFL seasons. On Sunday, he is also 10-for-16 passing for 132 yards and two touchdowns, helping the New York Jets to a surprising 20-3 lead near the end of the third quarter over what had been an upstart Pittsburgh team. Vick also juked a Steelers defender to his knees.

Vick is attempting a career renaissance in New York after a rough few seasons in Philadelphia. His brilliant 2010 campaign with the Eagles was eclipsed by the three ineffective seasons that followed. He was signed by the Jets in the offseason with an understanding that he would back up Geno Smith. After Geno Smith struggled, however, the Jets had no choice but to turn to the veteran. So far, the decision is paying off.