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Rams make donation in support of fallen officers, local police still not happy

The Rams will make a donation supporting the families of fallen first responders prior to Thursday night game. That's apparently not good enough for local police.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams will make a donation to The Backstoppers, a charity serving the families of fallen first responders, prior to their Thursday night game against the Arizona Cardinalsaccording to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. While the donation was welcomed by Backstoppers, the president of the St. Louis County Police Association didn't let up in his criticism of the team and the five players who showed their support for the Ferguson community by giving the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture prior to a Week 13 game against the Raiders.

Backstoppers was notified of the donation on Wednesday, but did not disclose the amount. The director of the organization welcomed the move, calling it "great news for our families," but he refused to comment on why the Rams were making this donation at this time.

The president of the St. Louis County Police Association, Gabe Crocker, was less effusive with his remarks. He called it a "good first step," while remaining critical of the players and the team.

"The players' actions had a profoundly negative impact on public safety personnel and their supporters throughout the community."

He added:

"I still would not expect many public safety folks to be lining up for tickets."

The St. Louis Police Officers Association blasted the team following the game that featured the players making the "hands up" gesture. The group called for the five players to be disciplined, which the Rams and the NFL declined to do, and demanded an apology from the team and the league.

Days after the incident, the Rams met with the police union and offered their "understanding" about how the gesture was seen by the police union and "regretted any offense officers may have taken," but denied apologizing to them.

The Rams have supported the Backstoppers organization in the past with a charitable softball game and donating a portion of ticket sales. Thursday marks the first time the group will receive a check from the team at a game.