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Browns player gives passionate statement after police demand apology

Receiver Andrew Hawkins doesn't believe a "call for justice" should offend anyone.

On Sunday, Cleveland Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins joined a growing number of professional athletes by expressing support for victims of police shootings with a T-shirt reading "Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford III." The local Cleveland Police Patrolman Union fired back, demanding an apology from the Browns for Hawkins' actions. Hawkins has indeed responded, but offered no apology.

Speaking with the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot, Hawkins gave an emotional explanation of his decision to wear the controversial shirt. "A call for justice shouldn't offend anybody," the wideout said. "A call for justice shouldn't warrant an apology." Hawkins said his heart broke for the families of the two kids killed in the shootings. The events also made him worry for the safety of his 2-year-old son.

Still, Hawkins wanted to make clear that his shirt wasn't an attack on law enforcement. "I utterly respect and appreciate every police officer that protects and serves all of us with honesty and integrity." He added, "(It) wasn't a stance against every police officer or every police department... It was a stance against wrong individuals doing wrong thing. [sic]"

As of now, it does not appear as though the team or league plans to apologize for Hawkins' actions.