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NFL playoff picture 2014: AFC, NFC seeding possibilities cheat sheet

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The playoff picture is getting clearer, but it's still a little confusing with all the possible outcomes for seeding ahead of the season's final week. Thankfully, someone created a few handy charts to explain.

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Denver's loss to the Bengals on Monday night gave the Patriots the top seed in the AFC, locking down one spot in the conference's playoff order. Four more of the six spots are still to be determined -- the Colts are locked into the fourth spot -- depending on the results in Week 17.

All six spots in the NFC are up for grabs, making a tangled web of possibilities with one week left in the regular season. Arizona, Detroit, Green Bay and Seattle all still have a shot at the conference's top seed and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. One of those teams will end up with the second seed.

Carolina and Atlanta are playing for the NFC South title this week. It's one of four games that will determine a division winner and further sort out the seeding for the postseason.

It's all going to make for an interesting regular season finale this week, with a confusing list of possible seeding outcomes. Fortunately, one Reddit NFL user made us a cheat sheet.


AFC chart

(via Reddit/r/NFL)


NFC chart

(via Reddit/r/NFL)


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