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More signs pointing toward Jim Harbaugh to Michigan

There's nothing official yet, but Michigan analysts consider the move more and more likely.

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It's looking more and more like Jim Harbaugh will be spending next season in Ann Arbor.

Days after Michigan's athletic director reportedly told players the school feels good about having its guy, Brian Cook of MGoBlog has added more pieces to the puzzle, including whisperings from current coaches, heightened levels of confidence throughout Michigan media, and packages addressed to Harbaugh reportedly being delivered in Ann Arbor.

Cook, who put the chances of Harbaugh leaving the San Francisco 49ers to become Michigan's next head man at 99 percent, added he's "heard word that there's a large event on Tuesday night that the catering staff has been asked to keep secret -- something that they've never been asked about before."

Michigan, where Harbaugh played quarterback in college, has reportedly offered him a six-year deal worth $8 million per year. Four days ago, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Harbaugh is leaning toward accepting the deal, adding that the 49ers are expected to part ways with their head coach within 48 hours of their season finale against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

That could suit the 49ers, who are rumored to prefer that Harbaugh leave for a college job. While the franchise could ask another NFL team for "a king's ransom" in exchange for releasing Harbaugh from the final year of his contract, they don't plan on asking Michigan for compensation, according to Football Scoop.

Michigan made the not-so-subtle move to tweet a happy birthday to Harbaugh earlier this week.

Turning down a shot at a Super Bowl (Harbaugh led the Niners to the NFC Championship three consecutive times before missing the playoffs this season) for a college rebuilding job isn't a traditional move, but Harbaugh's relationship with the management in San Francisco has reportedly been fraying for some time.

MGoBlog is so confident that they're already printing up shirts.