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Ryan Leaf released from prison

Ryan Leaf was released from prison Wednesday after serving two years.

Peter Brouillet-USA TODAY Sports

Ex-San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf was released from a Montana prison Wednesday after serving over two years for breaking into a house for prescription pills, according to the Associated Press. Leaf is now under the supervision of Great Falls Probation and Parole in Montana.

Leaf was already on probation in Texas for charges of fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance back in 2008. Leaf was originally sentenced to five years in prison but was given credit for time served.

Leaf was selected by the Chargers with the second-overall pick of the 1998 NFL Draft, behind Peyton Manning. At the time, there was debate about who the Indianapolis Colts would take with the top-pick, but general manager Bill Polian had no such issue. As it played out, the divide between Leaf's career and Manning's became massive with every pass thrown.

Leaf only lasted four seasons in the NFL, throwing 14 touchdowns against 36 interceptions. The former Washington State standout had perhaps the worst rookie season in NFL history, tossing two scores and 15 picks with a 45.3 percent completion percentage. He last appeared in the league with the Dallas Cowboys in 2001, playing in four games.