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London Fletcher rips Jim Haslett: 'He's clueless as a defensive coordinator'

Haslett expressed his "disappointment" in Fletcher's comments after Washington's loss and said the two had "never had an issue" before.

London Fletcher appeared on CBS Sports Network Sunday and heavily criticized Jim Haslett, Washington's defensive coordinator and Fletcher's former NFL coach. Fletcher called Haslett "clueless" as a defensive coordinator, and said he used to change Haslett's play calls in the huddle.

"Mike Shanahan recognized early that this guy does not know what he's doing," Fletcher said. "And he's trying to help him out. So instead of helping him out, what does Jim Haslett do? He threw him under the bus like he throws everybody under the bus. Players and coaches included. He's a guy that does not know what he's doing.

"Jay Gruden in particular better watch his back and get Jim Haslett out of the door."

Given how Washington has looked this season defensively, Haslett probably warrants some criticism. Washington is giving up 26.8 points per game, which ranks 27th in the NFL. It also has perhaps the league's most ineffective pass defense, giving up an NFL-worst 8.2 yards per attempt and 107.8 average passer rating to opponents. Washington has given up 26 passing touchdowns with just five interceptions this season.

Haslett's son later weighed in via Twitter. And London Fletcher was there for a quick response.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Haslett said in postgame comments that he'd "never had an issue" with Fletcher in the past.

"I just heard what London said and all I'll say is I'm disappointed in his reaction. Obviously, he has an opinion, but I'm disappointed that he would come out and say something like. But, every man has an opinion, and he obviously stated his."

Haslett has served as the defensive coordinator for Washington since the 2010 season.