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Miami Dolphins fire OL coach Jim Turner

Miami parted ways with a second member of their staff on Wednesday as they work to clean house ahead of potential action by the NFL.

Streeter Lecka

The Miami Dolphins announced the firing of offensive live coach Jim Turner on Wendesday. The move does not come as a surprise considering that the investigate report released last Friday claimed that Turner was not only aware of the mistreatment of Jonathan Martin and two others within the organization but that he was directly involved.

According to report submitted by Ted Wells, Turner lied to investigators, attempted to convince Martin to exonerate Richie Incognito and participated in the taunting of Martin.

Turner was aware of the running "joke" that Player A was gay, and on at least one occasion, he participated in the taunting. Around Christmas 2012, Coach Turner gave the offensive linemen gift bags that included a variety of stocking stuffers. The gifts included inflatable female dolls for all of the offensive linemen except Player A, who received a male "blow-up" doll. [Jonathan] Martin and another player reported that they were surprised Coach Turner did this; Martin further said that he was offended that Turner had endorsed the humiliating treatment of Player A by participating in it. Incognito and others agreed that this incident with Coach Turner occurred. When interviewed, Turner was asked if he gave Player A a male blow-up doll. He replied, "I can't remember."

Turner had been with the Dolphins for seasons, joining the organization from Texas Tech in 2012. He'd spent the four previous years working in various positions on Mike Sherman's staff at Texas A&M. Turner also coached at Boston College and the University of Delaware.

Team trainer Kevin O'Neill was also fired by the Dolphins today, apparently interrupting the combine trainers meeting in the process.

Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is reportedly set to speak at 9:45 a.m. on Thursday from the combine in Indianapolis. The coach had previously not planned to speak the media at all during the combine, just like in 2013 but recent events have apparently changed the plan.