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Super Bowl MVPs and their cars: A recent history

Let's take a look back at recent Super Bowl MVPs and the wheels they got to ride away in.

Can Flacco even fit in this thing?
Can Flacco even fit in this thing?
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

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Last year, Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco was awarded a shiny new Chevrolet Corvette after leading the Baltimore Ravens to the Lombardi Trophy. Car companies have regularly handed over new rides to the game's MVP over the years, cashing in on the marketing benefit of associating your brand with the star athlete of the moment (after all, nothing says sleek, sexy and fast like Joe Flacco).

GMC will award this year's top performer a new set of wheels, and that has us thinking about some of the other recipients of the MVP bonus over the years. Thanks to, we've pieced together the Super Bowl MVPs of the last decade and the cars they got to drive away in.

2004: Tom Brady, Cadillac Escalade ESV

About half the guys on this list ended up with Escalades, so Tom really started the trend. Getting men to wear Ugg boots wasn't as successful.

2005: Deion Branch, Cadillac XLR

The XLR model has since ceased production. So has Branch.

2006: Hines Ward, Cadillac Escalade

Complete with side airbags for all those blind-side collisions.

2007: Peyton Manning, Cadillac Escalade

This, of course, was before he drove the innovative new Buick Verano with available voice control.

2008: Eli Manning, Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Eli is clearly more environmentally friendly than his big bro. If only his completion rating was as efficient ...

2009: Santonio Holmes, Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Fitting that a who that almost ran out of room in the end zone gets a vehicle with a spacious interior.

2010: Drew Brees, no car issued

What a raw deal. Brees happened to win the MVP the year Cadillac ended its eight-year promotional giveaway.

2011: Aaron Rodgers, Chevorlete Camaro

You give a convertible to a guy that spends eight months out of the year in Wisconsin?

2012: Eli Manning, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

I'd love to see his Manningface when he gets pulled over for speeding in this thing.

2013: Joe Flacco, Chevrolet Corvette

What's the difference between a $51,000 Corvette and Joe Flacco? The car isn't overpriced.

GMC hasn't mentioned what car it'll be rolling out for the MVP this Sunday, but if Richard Sherman gets the award, I hope it's something with a muffler.