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2014 Super Bowl prop bet results: Gatorade Bath

With so many colors to choose from, chances are a lot of people went home unhappy on Sunday.

Stephen Dunn

SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

One last prop bet has hit! If you bet on orange Gatorade being dumped on the winning coach, you win. Gamblers had six choices for which color would be dropped on the winning coach in Sunday's Super Bowl. Those were blue, green, water (or clear), orange, yellow and red. While there were six choices, they all had different odds.

For those who went with orange, they will now be paid three times their bet. The Seahawks dampened head coach Pete Carroll on Sunday with orange Gatorade following their Super Bowl victory. It is safe to say that the Seahawks' equipment manager will have a tough time getting those stains out.

Team colors are important, but for the Super Bowl's winning team, the Gatorade color has be just right to for dumping on their coach. It has long been a tradition to give the coach of a championship team a good Gatorade bath. In fact, Gatorade's involvement in the Super Bowl goes all the way back to the third to 1969, when the Chiefs drank it on the sideline during their championship win. However, the actual Gatorade shower tradition started in the mid-'80s when Giants defensive tackle Jim Burt splashed Bill Parcells with the sugar-water combination.

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