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Steve Gleason's Super Bowl commercial will make you tear up

Watch this video of Steve Gleason ahead of the Super Bowl. It's sure to get you feeling emotional on Super Bowl Sunday.

There are two pieces to Steve Gleason's part in a Super Bowl commercial for Microsoft. One is the obvious advertisement for Microsoft Surface: He uses the technology to communicate now that ALS has taken his ability to speak. The other, more important part of the message, is something Gleason has worked tirelessly for: Continuing to raise awareness for ALS.

The result is a heartwarming commercial that'll bring a tear to your eye. Here is an extended preview of Gleason's Super Bowl commercial:

The Gleason piece is part of a larger advertisement in which Microsoft plans to show people whose use of Microsoft technology is "inspiring." The ad will be Microsoft's first during a Super Bowl. There isn't a much more inspiring person than Gleason, so it sure seems that fits.

The best part of the commercial, by the way, is Gleason's son Rivers diving into a bean bag chair, followed by Steve pushing him across the floor using his wheelchair and using the computer to talk to his son. It's a fun, adorable human moment.

You can learn more about Gleason's fight with ALS at his website.

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