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Video of Ray Rice knocking out fiance exists, suspension expected per report

Police have reportedly obtained video of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious during an altercation in Atlantic City.

Patrick Smith

Ray Rice is expected to receive a suspension after surveillance tape allegedly showed the Baltimore Ravens running back dragging the limp body of his fiancee, Janay Palmer, out of an elevator in Atlantic City, per Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated. According to Klemko, police have obtained video of Rice actually knocking Palmer unconscious.

Both Rice and Palmer were arrested in Atlantic City last week on simple assault-domestic violence charges. The official New Jersey police report alleged that Rice was responsible for knocking Palmer unconscious. No evidence of Rice committing assault has yet to be released to media. TMZ leaked the footage of Rice emerging out a Revel Casino elevator after an apparent physical altercation.

Rice's attorney Michael Diamondstein confirmed that TMZ's footage depicted the running back with his fiancee, but added that the video doesn't tell the full story. Diamondstein further defended his client, saying "we are confident that by the time all of the facts are in the open, the public will have a complete and true picture of what actually transpired."

The case was expected to be reviewed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell before Klemko revealed additional details. Rice could be also be subject to fines from the league and further punishment from the Ravens.