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Rich Eisen sets new personal best in his yearly 40-yard dash

The NFL Network host was back at it again this year, joining NFL Draft prospects in running the 40-yard dash.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are two constants every year at the NFL Scouting Combine. NFL hopefuls will do extremely athletic things and Rich Eisen will don a pair of football cleats to go with a suit and run a 40-yard dash. Eisen was back at it on Tuesday, his 10th year of running the 40, clocking in with a 6.00 on his first attempt. On the second attempt, he made "history" with a 5.98, sneaking under the 6-second threshold.

And because this is 10 years of Run Rich Run, it's only appropriate that we made a megamix for the occasion, from Pony to Foghat to Benny Hill ...

The 5.98 time was his best in 10 years of running a 40-yard dash. You can now now re-live the jacket-flapping, tie-blowing dash in GIF form.


He went so fast, he ran right out of his pocket square.


And, of course, he had to have his own Beats commercial for the event.

Let's go ahead and set Eisen's athletic feat to music, say Little Richard.

In addition to his 2014 attempt, let's take a trip down memory lane to remember some of his previous attempts. Here he is in 2013, getting outrun by Titans guard Chance Warmack.


Even with a 10-yard headstart in 2012, Eisen wasn't able to hold off Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton (from 2011) and Andrew Luck.


Like a fine wine, Eisen has gotten better nearly every year. He's come a long way from his initial time of 6.77 seconds in 2005.

Year 40-yard dash time
2005 6.77 seconds
2006 6.22 seconds
2007 6.43 seconds
2008 6.34 seconds
2009 6.34 seconds
2010 6.21 seconds
2011 6.18 seconds
2012 6.03 seconds
2013 6.03 seconds
2014 5.98 seconds

Although the improvement is impressive, there is some question about Eisen's use of performance enhancing drugs. Deer antler spray has been a hot topic in sports and well, the evidence is troubling.