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NFL free agency: Is Oakland the best fit for Michael Vick?

Michael Vick will likely have a few suitors in free agency; which is the best landing spot for the 33-year-old quarterback?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With several teams expected to be in the market for a quarterback this offseason and a limited free agent crop, Michael Vick shouldn't have a lack of suitors. The 33-year-old will be the top quarterback on the market and the most likely to secure a starting job. Where that job is and the exact role Vick plays remains one of the top questions of the offseason.

Speculation has already begun to swirl. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network recently reported the Jets are viewed as a "legitimate possible landing spot" for Vick. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports said the Raiders are considering veteran free agents, including Vick. Although he doesn't tie them directly to Vick, La Canfora mentions the Vikings, 49ers, Buccaneers and Texans as teams interested in free agent quarterbacks. We'll throw the Jets and Eagles into that mix and try to decipher which team would be the best fit for Vick.

Oakland Raiders

Why them - The Raiders are still in search of a quarterback to replace Rich Gannon. They've tried Kerry Collins, they've tried JaMarcus Russell, they've tried Carson Palmer and last season they tried Terrelle Pryor. None of the previous quarterbacks were able to lead Oakland back to the playoffs. Pryor showed potential last season, but eventually lost the starting job to undrafted rookie Matt McGloin.

Does Vick fit - You could make a very good argument that Vick would be an upgrade in Oakland. Even if he can't regain the form from earlier in his career, he likely gives the Raiders a better chance of winning next season. The problem is he offers little long-term value, could potentially inhibit the development of Pryor -- whatever development there is -- and by himself isn't enough to turn the Raiders into a contender.

Odds - The Raiders have money to spend and can certainly afford to pay Vick, but will they? He could make a lot of sense on a short-term contract as a bridge to a young quarterback, whether it's Pryor or somebody else. If Vick is focused on winning a starting job, the Raiders are probably the best opportunity. Chance of it happening: 30 percent.

Minnesota Vikings

Why them - Minnesota tried three starting quarterbacks last season, but was unable to find a solid one. Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman are both free agents this offseason. Vick would provide an upgrade over Christian Ponder.

Does Vick fit - Vick has never crossed paths with Minnesota offensive coordinator Norv Turner in the NFL, but has plenty of arm to fit into Turner's down-field passing attack. The Vikings are one season removed from a postseason berth and have some pieces in place for a quick turnaround. Vick could help free things up for Adrian Peterson.

Odds - Minnesota needs to make a move of some sort. It could opt to bring Cassel back. If not, Vick is the best option, unless Mike Zimmer plans to roll with Ponder. Chance of it happening: 25 percent.

New York Jets

Why them - Geno Smith started all 16 games, but didn't exactly cement himself as the future of the franchise. Rapoport reported the Jets want a veteran to challenge and push Smith and Vick could certainly do that.

Does Vick fit - There would be familiarity with Vick in New York as he played under current Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg in Philadelphia. According to Rapoport, there is a "mutual respect" between Vick and Mornhinweg. The familiarity with the offense would make for an easier transition, a plus in creating a legitimate competition.

Odds - La Canfora reported the Jets are unlikely to spend in the range it would take to lure Vick. At 33, this could be his last good opportunity to start and he may not want to risk a team opting for youth. Chance of it happening: 20 percent.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Why them - The Bucs have Mike Glennon returning, but a new coaching staff might want their own guy. Tampa Bay has an excellent supporting cast and was better than its record indicated last season. Vick could provide a quick solution, if the staff isn't sold on Glennon or doesn't want to wait for him to develop.

Does Vick fit - At this point in his career, Vick doesn't appear to be an obvious upgrade over Glennon. He provides no long-term value and it would essentially signal the Tampa Bay staff giving up on Glennon. Vick could provide competition, although that would be a similar situation to New York, with less familiarity.

Odds - The only way this move would make sense is if Tampa Bay thinks it's a QB away from contention and considers Vick a significant upgrade over Glennon. Chance of it happening: 10 percent.

Houston Texans

Why them - Matt Schaub dropped from franchise quarterback to backup last season. The Texans could release Schaub this offseason and if so, might be in the market for a quarterback.

Does Vick fit - Vick would be an attractive option if Houston is looking for a veteran starter. If the Texans take a quarterback with the No. 1 pick, Vick makes little to no sense. If they release Schaub and draft a non-quarterback, the chances of Vick to the Texans would seemingly increase dramatically.

Odds - In his latest mock draft, Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft projects Houston to take quarterback Blake Bortles. It doesn't make much sense for Vick to sign a deal, knowing a rookie will take the job at some point. In this market, he still has more value than a designated backup and mentor. The Texans are also rumored to have interest in Cassel. Chance of it happening: 7.5 percent.

Philadelphia Eagles

Why them - Vick spent the last five seasons in Philadelphia. He opened the season as a starter, has great knowledge of the offense and appeared comfortable taking a backup role to Nick Foles. If he has to settle for a backup job, a return to Philadelphia could be a wise choice.

Does Vick fit - He had some success in seven games under Chip Kelly, including averaging 8.6 yards per attempt.

Odds - Vick has been open about his desire to land or at least compete for a starting job. That seems unlikely in Philadelphia with Foles establishing himself as the starter. If playing time is the deciding factor, Vick will find much better options elsewhere. Chance of it happening: 5 percent.

San Francisco 49ers

Why them - San Francisco will likely be in the market for a backup quarterback, unless it opts to re-sign Colt McCoy. Vick would give them an experienced backup to fill in if Colin Kaepernick missed time.

Does Vick fit - Vick would be a solid No. 2 option, likely capable of success with San Francisco's supporting cast.

Odds - With the 49ers, Vick would have no chance of competing for a starting job and would only see playing time if Kaepernick went down. There could also be a cost issue with the 49ers likely to put resources into other areas. If Vick lands in San Francisco it's because he couldn't find a starting job and is chasing a Super Bowl ring. Chance of it happening: 2.5 percent.