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2014 Super Bowl TV ratings: Seahawks vs. Broncos is 5th highest ever

As expected, the Broncos and Seahawks pulled down big ratings on Sunday night.

Ronald Martinez

SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were billed as the greatest offense against the toughest defensive respectively, and the sales job worked as the game brought in a 47.6 rating and 70 share.

Despite the 43-8 score being the most lopsided contest since Super Bowl XXVII of Jan. 1993, the game was the fifth-highest rating in Super Bowl history, according to FOX Sports.

The top city for ratings was Kansas City which did a 58.1 and 78 share, per FOX Sports. Not too hard to figure most of those folks were happy campers by the end of the night. Elsewhere, the winning city of Seattle came in a 56.7 and 92. Other highly rated markets include Indianapolis at 53.9/74, New Orleans at 53.2/72 and Tulsa at 52.9/71.

As for the host city, New York did its best number since 1987 when the Giants beat the Broncos in Super Bowl XXI, drawing a 53.4 rating.

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