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Dolphins rumors: Branden Albert could be top free agent target

Miami desperately needs help along its offensive line and could target the top free agent at left tackle.

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The Miami Dolphins allowed more sacks last season than any other team in the NFL, giving second-year Ryan Tannehill a beating. Now, Miami is poised to dip into the free agent market and might be targeting left tackle Branden Albert, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Rumor has it that Albert is looking for a long-term deal to pay him $25 million in guarantees along with an average salary of $9 million. This year, Albert was under the franchise tag with the Kansas City Chiefs and was making $9 million. Should he be franchised again, he would be the highest-paid left tackle in the NFL.

Considering Kansas City is strapped financially and drafted Eric Fisher last year with the overall No. 1 pick, it seems a certainty that Albert will leave. At 29 years old, Albert earned his first Pro Bowl berth this season and looks to be in the prime of his career.

Miami will have to be careful with its cap situation though, having handed out big deals last year in free agency to wide receiver Mike Wallace and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe.

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