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NFL free agency 2014: The good, bad and ugly from Day 6

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The pace of free agency has slowed, but teams continued to hand out deals on Monday. One deal reportedly had a certain NFL head coach "pissed off."

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With the 2014 free agency period nearly a week old, the heavy activity is in the books. The days of 50 or more deals have come and gone, and while it's not exactly bargain shopping left, most of the major deals have likely already been handed out. A couple of the top remaining free agents came off the board on Monday, including Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Here's a look back at Day 6, including the impact of a few deals and some of the latest rumors.

The Good

Raiders sign James Jones to a three-year deal

The Raiders were in the market for a wide receiver and James was arguably the top one left on the board. He drew interest from multiple teams, but in the end the Raiders got a deal done. The former Packer comes at a modest price, with the deal reportedly worth $11.3 million. Jones is an upgrade for the Raiders and even at 30, is coming off a career-best season. At the very minimum, Jones will start next season and his contract is hardly a long-term detriment. The Raiders haven't been able to make a major splash, but have added a number of solid veterans like Jones. Steady, even if not flashy.

Giants nab Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

While most of the top cornerbacks came off the board within the first 48 hours of free agency, DRC lasted almost a week. New York was in the market for a No. 1 corner and landed the best one left on a five-year deal worth up to $39 million, according to Adam Schefter. The deal is an interesting one that could work out very well for both sides. While he played like one of the top corners in football last season, Rodgers-Cromartie has been inconsistent during his career. He did well to secure a lucrative deal with $15 million in guaranteed money. At the same time, the deal is below the market value of what other corners signed for. Many of the top corners on the market received more guaranteed money and annual salaries close to $10 million. If Rodgers-Cromartie continues to play like he did in 2013, it's a great move for the Giants.

The Bad

Rex Ryan "pissed" Jets missed out on Rodgers-Cromartie

The Jets are currently without a No. 1 cornerback. They've made runs after a few -- including Rodgers-Cromartie -- but have come up empty handed. That hasn't sat well with head coach Rex Ryan who was reportedly "pissed" the Jets didn't sign DRC. That report comes from a friend of Ryan, but regardless of whether Ryan was pissed, disappointed or impassive about the deal, the fact remains the Jets need a corner.

After releasing Antonio Cromartie, New York lacks the No. 1 corner Ryan covets. In an ideal world, Ryan would like to operate with two top corners like he once did with Darrelle Revis and Cromartie. The Jets missed out on re-signing Revis, missed out on Rodgers-Cromartie, missed out on Aqib Talib, Alterraun Verner and others. Cromartie is still a free agent, and could come back, but until that -- or another move -- happen, New York has a void to fill.

The Ugly

Texans interested in Mark Sanchez?

Mark Sanchez is still a member of the New York Jets, but some expect that to change at some point. If New York adds another quarterback, the Jets may opt to release Sanchez. If that happens, the Houston Texans will reportedly be interested. Sanchez's track record leaves a lot to be desired. SB Nation's Texans blog, Battle Red Blog posed a simple question on Twitter on Monday:

The results were ... well ugly.