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The best first tweets in NFL history

Or the time the Dallas Cowboys weren't sure about this whole social media thing.

As if there wasn't enough happening on the internet today to keep you hiding from the boss' watchful eye, Twitter unveiled it's first tweet thingamajig on Thursday morning. It's at least six hours old already, so it's way past it's expiration date for the very platform it documents. But that's not going to stop us from having some NFL-related fun with it.

Solid first tweet from Vick here. Rovell would probably respond with a quick acceptance tweet followed by something about not including a proper URL ... followed by something about Vick's personal brand.

Yeah, that one seems about right.

Little did we know "tweeting himself" would take on a whole new meaning soon enough.

In true Florio fashion, his wild speculation was way off. The game he was talking about was a Week 11 tilt between the Giants and the Ravens. New York lost in the Divisional round; Baltimore in the AFC Championship. Pittsburgh beat Arizona to the SUPER BOWL that season. Both teams were 6-3 at the time of PFT's first tweet.

Speaking of PFT ...

Strong takes from the start.

Alright, this could get old really fast, so let's just cut right to the chase. The best first tweet, from the NFL world at least, was this one ...