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NFL news: Michael Vick signs with Jets, Raiders trade for Matt Schaub and more

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The New York Jets signed quarterback Michael Vick, the Oakland Raiders traded for quarterback Matt Schaub and more from the NFL on Friday.

The New York Jets signed free agent quarterback Michael Vick on Friday. Vick signed a one-year, $5 million deal to go to New York after an extensive visit there this week. New York was the first reported visit of free agency for Vick, but it sounds like they gave him the deal he wanted and the situation he was looking for.

There are other teams looking for a quarterback that might have given Vick a good opportunity at starting, which by all accounts, is his goal. For one, the Oakland Raiders come to mind, but there wasn't any reported interest coming out of the Bay Area. For Vick, New York is an interesting option, but there's no guaranteed starting role.

In fact, it's unclear if Vick will truly be competing for a starting job or if he's just there for insurance in the event that Geno Smith doesn't get himself into gear. Smith started as a rookie last season and performed poorly, throwing more interceptions (21) than touchdowns (12). Vick didn't inspire a ton of confidence with the Philadelphia Eagles last season, but were it not for injuries, he might still be the starter heading into 2014.

Vick threw five touchdowns against three interceptions in between multiple injuries last year, and was supplanted by Nick Foles when the latter broke out. Now, Foles is the franchise quarterback and Vick is looking for a third team to give him a starting opportunity. What ends up happening in training camp will give a clue as to whether or not Vick is just there to push Smith or to compete proper.

Here's what else you might have missed from Friday in the NFL:

Raiders trade for Schaub

The Oakland Raiders traded for quarterback Matt Schaub on Friday. Oakland sent a late-round pick to acquire the services of Schaub, a long-time veteran who is just a season removed from one of the best seasons of his career. But 2013 was a down year for him, and he was eventually benched due to his accuracy problems. Still, he might just represent the best option for the Raiders next season and perhaps the following year, depending on when they draft a new rookie. Schaub carries a huge cap hit of $14.5 million next season, however. Oakland has cap space to spare. Schaub has already been named the starting quarterback, as noted over at Silver and Black Pride:

I guess if the Raiders think they have a player with the potential to resurrect his career at a late stage the way Warner did, it makes sense you would give that player every opportunity to do it. The Raiders went through this last year as well with Reggie McKenzie naming Matt Flynn the starter as soon as the Raiders traded for him. He did go into camp as the starter but by the time the end of the preseason rolled around, he hadn't shown enough to earn the right to keep that job, so they handed the ball to Terrelle Pryor.

This situation is not quite Matt Flynn and it is not quite Kurt Warner. It is somewhere in between. Kurt Warner had won a Super Bowl and was league MVP before they gave up on him. Matt Flynn had two good games as a career backup. Schaub had a nice career in Houston with two Pro Bowls and three 4000-yard seasons followed by a terrible 2013 season that ended his tenure there.

Incognito has to pass examination before he can return to NFL

Offensive lineman Richie Incognito is a free agent and is free to sign with NFL teams, but before teams can pay him and before he can return to the field, he'll have to pass a comprehensive evaluation from the NFL. Incognito has reportedly visited multiple facilities for substance abuse and mental health issues, and the league will require him to undergo its own testing before allowing him to play in the league. It's unclear at this point if any team will take a chance on Incognito.

Moore signs with Steelers

One of the top wide receivers remaining on the open market, Lance Moore, signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Friday. Pittsburgh had just lost Jerricho Cotchery to the Carolina Panthers when they signed Moore to the two-year deal. Moore is an upgrade to Cotchery at this point, and should be a valuable weapon in the slot alongside Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton. Moore has struggled when he's not with the Saints, however.

Jerry signs with Giants

The New York Giants signed offensive lineman John Jerry on Friday. Jerry is notable for being one of the players named in the Ted Wells report on the Jonathan Martin bullying situation. He is named alongside Richie Incognito as one of the people who harassed Martin on more than one occasion. The Giants made no mention of this in their release, but they've obviously done their homework. Jerry will have a chance to compete for a starting job next year, though his conduct off the field will definitely have him on a short leash.

Goldson hires tackling coach

Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson has hired a tackling coach. The former Pro Bowl safety made headlines last season for multiple fines for bad tackles. Unlike some players who get the penalty but not the fine (due to the NFL later determining that said player should not have incurred a penalty), Goldson clearly made several bad tackles that put his fellow players in danger. He amassed almost $500,000 in fines last season. Only time will tell if this coach can get him to clean up his form.

Panthers sign receiver, cornerback

The Carolina Panthers agreed to terms with free agent wide receiver Tiquan Underwood on Friday. Underwood is considered a high-potential guy just looking for an opportunity to break out, and given the fact that the Panthers have almost nothing at the receiver position, he should have a solid opportunity in Carolina. The team also signed cornerback Antoine Cason to a one-year contract. Cason spent 2013 with the Arizona Cardinals and should have a solid opportunity to start next season.